Training in the Participlan process

There are two aspects to training in facilitation and the use of Participlan as a visual mapping process that leads to better decisions

  1. The first element is understanding the principles of the process to build confidence … This is handled by a specialist training company Business Presentation Group a sister company of Participlan.
  2. The second element is the application of the theory to your organisations specific needs and this element is the space we as Participlan operate in as a collaborative initiative with you.

Often these two elements are integrated from the beginning of the process, depeding on your needs.

Benefits of the process …

  • Silent generation of ideas provides divergent thinking and avoids ‘group think’ (one stream of thinking).
  • All participate and all ideas are heard and are objectively assessed because the message unfolds too quickly to pin ideas to people.
  • Evaluating of ideas is democratic which results in buy-in to the conclusions.
  • The process is stimulating and fun and takes approximately 50% of normal meeting time.
  • Because the process is focused and follows a clear agenda results are assured.
  • The real costs of a meeting are the opportunity costs of the people in the room so generating an ROI is relatively easy to achieve through the efficiency of the process.

In fact, we are that confident in our methodology that, if we do not deliver on our promise you will be entitled to your money back