What We Do

We provide you with a highly skilled facilitator who takes a brief from you and then structures the workshop according to the brief, recommends process and sets the agenda to the time prescribed. 

At the workshop the facilitator presents the agenda for approval and then explains how the process works and how the day/s will unfold.

We take responsibility for capturing the thinking of the group as the ideas emerge and displaying the thinking for in depth debate.

Produce a comprehensive report of the discussion and decisions taken by the group.


Business facilitation

In this knowledge and information age, all businesses are having to meet more frequently and with more diverse groups to plan and discuss issues of importance. Tapping the wisdom of the group is the big challenge going forward, and making decisions in groups and obtaining buy-in from these groups is the ideal to have business plans implemented.

Latest Application

"The wisdom of the group".  By engaging with a group of people who have a contribution to make to a discussion there is a greater possibility of a successful outcome than utilising the services of an expert on the subject.