What We Do

Pre workshop

Our primary task is to meet the expectations of our sponsor.

This means being very clear as to the end result desired by the sponsor of the gathering as well as any key discussion points that may need to be addressed during the meeting … and this is done through a briefing session.

Based on this input we structure an agenda for the meeting and then translate the agenda into a series of questions that the group will need to answer to arrive at the desired end result.

We test the questions with the sponsor as well as testing that the right people will be in the room to respond to the questions.

We assess the chosen venue for it’s ability to liberate the thinking of the group as well as how to use our various tools in the venue.

At the workshop

The facilitator starts the session by covering the agenda with the group and getting their approval for what is to be discussed.

Next, the facilitator explains the process so that everyone is comfortable with how the meeting will be conducted.

Typically the facilitator will start the session with a warm up question that is fun and helps the group settle … it also gives the facilitator the opportunity to fine tune the process with the group.

At this point the group are comfortable with where the meeting is headed and with the process to be used so it is possible to pose the first serious question to the group for input, building clusters of ideas, debate and conclusion before moving to the next point.

The primary tool that we use for managing the discussion is a ‘visual mapping’ tool called ‘Participlan’ and abbreviation for ‘participative planning’.

Size of groups

From 3 to 70 people is manageable but typically 12 to 15 is the norm … with the larger groups different techniques are employed to avoid too much duplication and yet gather sufficient input that gives everyone a say.

Time and timing

Facilitated workshops can be from 2 hours to 3 days depending on the need and objectives.


Costs are dependent on time allocated to the workshop, stationery required, travel and accommodation needs.