Visual mapping using Participlan
A presentation of the key elements of visual mapping, based on the wisdom of a group, and then presenting their ideas back to them using the Participlan process Also covered is how to create a “do it yourself” visual mapping process using the “Thought Generator” … designed to free up management time and empower our people
Empowering our people and making better decisions
Our people have a wealth of knowledge and energy and want to participate meaningfully in our businesses … we need to engage our people and channel this valuable resource to arrive at better decisions and actions We discuss the selection of small groups of people who can contribute to the performance of our business and how they can develop their thinking for the benefit of the business Covering three principles … Gathering of information Mapping of information Presenting of information
Case study – restaurant business
Imagine that we are a group who own a restaurant and we need to develop a strategy to improve the restaurant This case study looks at gathering the information … mapping the information … reworking the logic and flow of the information and finally how to present the case
Business case presentation
Using the “Business Case” template this example is a presentation that reflects the typical situation faced by most businesses today and concludes with the importance of team participation and buy-in to the results that leads to a ‘high performance culture’ We need to move from the “tell” mode (telling people what to do) to telling people what we want to achieve and “asking” them how they think we can get to this end result
Participlan question templates
If we want to encourage our people to think, then we need to give them some thinking guidelines … the templates discussed are the most popular thought generators that lead from identifying a challenge to action plans These templates can be used individually or combined to help build a business case that guides the thinking through a logical process and leads the presenter step by step through the tough issues and finally to the next step that needs to be taken
Participlan Thought Generator
The ‘Thought Generator’ is a portable wall that can be used for capturing and mapping the ideas of a small group meeting (ideally 2 to 3 people) who have been tasked with finding a solution to a problem or issue that needs clarity The unit consists of 12 panels, each the size of a flipchart sheet and each panel allows for the sheets to be hung using ‘velcro’ sticky tabs Because the ‘velcro’ tabs can be applied to any number of charts and sheets that need to be displayed for discussion the unit is designed to be as flexible as possible from being able to move it easily to moving displays from one panel to the other

Riverside Estate

Selecting a meeting venue
With the pressure on businesses today it is becoming increasingly important to make the best use of people’s time and for this reason Riverside Estates in Hout Bay and Participlan collaborated to identify and create a checklist on the ideal meeting or conference destination This clip explores the changing need of meetings and what to look for in a typical conference destination that is providing additional meeting support and tools
Riverside Estates as a meeting destination
Riverside Estates in collaboration with Participlan Facilitation is moulding the destination into a ‘high performance’ meeting centre as shown in this clip Covering all the basic needs of ambiance, meeting facilities, accommodation, good food and refreshments to homely and comfortable surroundings … plus introducing tools and support that lend themselves to increased efficiency and meeting performance … like visual mapping and facilitation support