Delivering on the brand promise through developing high performance teams

The Workshop 

We all know the importance of delivering on our brand promise providing a great customer experience … but when was the last time you had an opportunity to really think what your brand promise really means to your organisation and what your customers (and their customers) are currently experiencing? To deliver our brand promise and great customer experience … we need to build high performing teams … but do we know what a high performing team really means and what the starting points are to building this team?

During the last 25 years … Peter Thomas (a master class facilitator) has been helping companies develop their strategies, understand and unpack their brand promise, map out their customers’ experience, and then define the culture and behaviours required to deliver the strategy. Peter believes in tapping into the wisdom of people in organisations to create solutions that everyone buys in to and is passionate about, shifting from a ‘tell and do’ style of management to an ‘ask and listen’ style.

The workshops will be facilitated using visual mapping tools and be highly participative and engaging. By the end of the workshop, each participant will have built their own road map to achieving their goals, had the opportunity to learn and share with like-minded people, and have their own set of visual mapping templates that they can take back in to their organisation.

Who should attend?
Senior managers
HR professionals
Strategic planners

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The Investment
R850 exc VAT
teas & lunch
visual mapping stationery
documented report

by Peter Thomas