Facilitated Focus Groups

Focus groups are a valuable tool for understanding the thinking of particular groups such as customers or suppliers or any other group that can provide insights on why something may not be working or why a new product should be modified.

Typically, focus groups either respond to a set of survey questions or they are encouraged to discuss a point of view around a product or service, such as "What was you experience when first using the product?"

Both of these methods provide useful input but facilitation with Participlan gives you the thinking of each individual without them being influenced by comments from others. 

For instance, the facilitator will pose a question like the one above and then each person in the focus group responds to the question in writing on special stationery - this is called silent generation of ideas.

These ideas are then mapped onto boards and with guidance from the group clustered into like ideas.

This visually mapped information can be worked with to expand the thinking, clarify thinking and much more.

by Peter Thomas